A New Kind of Newborn

I have to start by saying, I can’t take credit for this. I was taught a variation of this process from another newborn photographer and although it took me awhile to figure out how it could work for my business, I finally realized that it was exactly what my clients and I needed!

newborn photographer gig harbor

My newborn packages are structured for you to start with the session length that suits your needs. There are options for the minimalists, the budgeters, the gallery wall makers, and yes, even the ones who want to go all out. Let’s say you want 8-12 images. That’s a good amount for a birth announcement, a small gallery wall in the nursery and a wide variety of your sweet, new baby. I’m only going to take the time to get those 8-12 images just right for you. No more, no less. No wasted time, no images that you have to say “no” to because they’re out of your expected budget.

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After you choose which session length you want, you have two package options. Each of them comes with all of the beautifully edited digital images from your session and some kind of printed product(s). I love having both. Digitals are great for sharing online, and for saving in multiple places for security. But hard drives fail sometimes too and printed products are what make your home and life beautiful. They are memories always in your line of sight and within reach - a box to hand to a visiting friend over coffee, a canvas hanging above baby’s crib as you tuck them in at night (for the third time), a stunning print displayed in your entryway. Present and visual reminders that time is passing so quickly and to slow down and enjoy today.

newborn photographer gig harbor

To further make sure that you are getting what you want out of your session, before baby is born, you get to see the different colors I have available, the poses that we can work towards, and more. All in a beautiful guide that helps us plan your session together. The result? A simple experience to give you beautiful images and products that fit your life.

I created this process to feel like an entirely new experience that honors your time, style and budget. Because if it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

newborn photographer gig harbor

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